10 Simple Steps to learn How to Ride Wheelie on a Bike

A Perfect Wheelie on a Bike is one of the most difficult and time-consuming things. Even World Cup Race champions can’t ride a good wheelie. The perfect wheelie needs practice and practice. Although with time and practice you can do a good wheelie. If you want to know How to do a good Wheelie then definitely check out the steps below:-

Note:-  Wear proper Riding Gears while riding a wheelie on a bike.

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1. Adjust your bike seat to the lowest position. While riding a wheelie the seat position will help you to keep downward along the center of gravity and in maintaining balance.

2. Put the bike gears down or medium and maintain the rolling speed.

3. Crouch your upper body and weight toward the handlebars.

4. Make the 11:00 position with your pedals.

5. Simultaneously pull up your handlebars and pedal down.

6. Immediately put your all efforts on the lean back and continue pedaling.

7. Expand your arms and sit on top of the seat.

8. Use one finger to hold the grip and another one to keep on the rear brake.

9. If you follow all steps then your front tier should be high in the air.

10. Now bring your front tier down to come back in the initial position.

Tip:-  Make sure you have trust in your rear brake otherwise you’ll fall on the backside.

1.Once the front tire is in the air never keep your weight over the handlebars.
2.Don’t try to pedal too fast or it becomes uncontrollable from your reach while trying a wheelie.

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10 Simple Steps to learn How to Ride Wheelie on a Bike

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