3 Methods to Activate Windows 7 without Product Key

If you are finding the article How to Activate Windows 7 without Product Key for the lifetime then you are at the right place. Some people want to explore more on windows but they will not get the product key of windows with their PC/Laptop.

Note: We are providing these Windows 7 Product Key only for Educational purposes. We don’t want to harm any windows community.

How to activate windows 7 without product key

Mostly people prefer Windows 7 on their old PC or low-end PC because Windows XP becomes older and outdated but windows 7 is lightweight, easy to use, some additional features, etc. So if you have already installed windows 7, then you can use the Product Key to activate Windows 7 otherwise, if want to activate Windows 7 without a product key then read this article.


Overview of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the widely used operating system, released on 22 October 2009. . This is the upgraded version of Windows Vista. It becomes the first window that introduced the “Windows Touch” feature and supports touchscreen input with the added benefit of offering multitouch functionality.

Windows 7 attracts the user, lightweight, gadget features, good interface, easy to use, optimized layouts, etc. But for installing process of Windows 7, you need a Windows 7 product key to continue to the installation setup.


Minimum System Requirements for Windows 7

Processor: 1 GHz

Ram: At least 1GB RAM

Storage: Minimum 20GB space required

Graphics: DirectX 9c or Higher


Activation Method

There are different methods to activate Windows 7, activating the windows key with the Windows 7 Pro key is the reliable and safest option.

But many windows who didn’t get the windows product key with their PC can use this activation method so that they can easily do their normal task.

Otherwise, if you can not compromise with safety in the future, then buy the Windows 7 Pro Key.


Three simple ways to Activate Windows 7

⇒ Activate Windows 7 using Comand Prompt

⇒ Activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader

⇒ Activate Windows 7 using Microsoft Toolkit


1. Activate Windows 7 using CMD Prompt

2. Right-click on it and select Run As Administrator.

3. Now Type “slmgr -rearm” command then it will ask you to restart pc.

4. Restart your PC.

5. When the PC restarts completely, run the command prompt as administrator.

6. Now Type “-ato” and press Enter key.

7. Now you can see your windows is successfully activated.


2. Activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader

Activating Windows 7 using a Window Activator is a simple and easy task, you have to run the windows loader once. This process makes your windows 7 completely genuine, safe, no issue face, and even it will not harm your PC. Before using this method you have to turn off the windows update option in the control panel. Otherwise, after some time you have to again reactivate your windows.


How to Download Windows 7 Activator

1. Go to the website and download the windows activator.

2. Now you will see a Download option and click on it.

3. It takes 60 seconds to start downloading the windows activator.

4. Now sign in using Facebook, or Google+, or Twitter account.

5. After sign in click on the Start Download option.

6. Once downloading completes, Extract the software using Winrar, 7-zip, etc.

7. Now go to the desktop and right-click on the computer, and select Properties.

8. Also a new window will open with the Computer Properties.

9. You can see the windows update option at the bottom left corner, click on it.

10. Click on the Settings at the top-left corner.

11. Select never check update and unselect users to install updates on this computer and click on the Ok option.

12. Open Windows Activator you will see the details of your windows here, click on the Install option.

13. Wait for 5 minutes till the process completes.

14. Now it will ask you to restart your PC, simply click on it.

15. Once your PC restarts go to the Computer Properties, and you will see that your windows 7 is activated and genuine forever.

You have successfully activated your windows, we described these steps in-depth so that you have to not face any issues.


3. Activate Windows 7 using Microsoft Toolkit

1. Download the MS toolkit.

2. Disable anti-virus programmer.

3. Open the KMSAuto activator (https://www.notionink.in/windows/kmspico-activator/).

4. Select Windows OS from “One ms office” or “Windows OS”.

5. Move to Product Key Tab.

6. Select the version of your Windows and click on the install option.

7. Once the success message is shown on your screen, now click on the active button.

8. This will restart your computer, and again starts with the active version of Windows.

Easiest Method: Go to http://bit.ly/w7petxt ⇒ copy the code as a new text document ⇒ choose Save As ⇒  Run the batch.


Windows 7 Activation Product Key















We hope these activation methods worked in your case, otherwise you can check the List of Product key for Windows 7.

3 Methods to Activate Windows 7 without Product Key

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