In this article, we will disucss How to Activate With eligible Amazon Prime participation, you get access to a wide number of Prime Video titles at no additional cost. To activate Prime Video, download it from your App Store or Play Store.

You will receive a activation code after you sign in to the Amazon Prime app, go to and click on your smartphone or PC. Enter the Amazon Prime activation code.


Watch prime video on

To transfer Prime Video to gadgets you have such as smart TVs, computers, laptops, etc., you need to visit the Amazon my TV authority site and enter the six-digit Amazon my TV statement. code

How to activate Epix Now on Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV


Compatible devices for, using the activation code you get from the television screen. Supported devices comprise Firestick with Amazon Prime program installed, Android TV, Roku TV, and Sony TV. Others comprise Vizo TV, Amazon Fire TV, X Box One and Xbox 360 Console, and Apple-TV, among others.


Amazon Prime features

  • Download recordings to view separately – anywhere, anytime.
  • Cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen with Chromecast.
  • At X-Ray, you can find IMDb information on the animators, melodies and random data identified when it was recorded with recordings.
  • Watch right on your Apple TV by downloading the various TV operating system applications (requires Apple TV 3rd era or later).

beachbodyondemand activate


How can I cast Prime Video to my TV?

Step1: Turn your TV on.

Step2: On your mobile device; open ‘Prime video’ app. You can use any mobile device either android or iphone / ipad. Just make sure that your TV and the mobile device which you are using to sign-in to prime video app are both connected on the same network.

Step3: On your Prime video app; look for the cast icon. As you select the icon you will come across a ‘ready to cast’ screen on your TV.

Step4: Further select the device that you want to use.

Step5: Choose something out of the numerous movies available on the Prime video and select to watch. This movie will then be played on the TV that Google chromecast or fire tv is connected to. For playback, audio tracks and subtitles control, use the mobile device or you can use Fire tv’s or chromecast’s remote.

How to activate PBS Kids on Roku, Apple TV, Firestick

To modify subtitle settings on Chromecast

For iOS devices,

1. Stop Casting to that device.

2. Then go to Settings > Accessibility > Subtitles and Captioning > Style Under style tab you can select a style for your subtitles.

For Android devices,

1. During a title is being Casted, hit the menu with three-dots on the screen.

2. Select Subtitle styles and toggle on Show captions. You can also choose the Caption size and style choices from the same menu.


Download and install Prime Video on iOS Device

  1. Go to from iOS Device.

  2. Just sign up or sign to your Amazon account.

  3. From that point forward, pick one of the months to month/yearly plans from the rundown.

  4. Enter the Payment charging subtleties

  5. Download the application from the Apple App Store.

  6. Hang tight for the download to wrap up.

  7. When a completed process, login into your Prime Video account.

  8. After successful login, you can utilize prime video.

Activate: beachbodyondemand activate


How To Activate Amazon Prime Video?

Watch Amazon prime video on any gadget by register the gadget on the Amazon Prime video utilizing


How do I register a device on Amazon at

  1. Open the Amazon app on your TV or device.
  2. Select Register Device.
  3. You will receive a 5-digit registration code.
  4. Use your web browser and enter .
  5. Enter your Amazon MyTV code.

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Activate utilizing Amazon Prime Activation Code

  • Take your PC or Smartphone open the connection  join on it.

  • At that point you will see a page or make a record.

  • Snap on make an excellent record button.

  • At that point you will be requested information exchange accreditations.

  • You need to fill in every one of the accreditations like your name, email address, secret word, and so on

  • Presently your record has been made is made.

  • From that point onward, you will see a page that requests Amazon six digit actuation codes.

  • We have noted down the six-digit actuation code. That code ought to be entered here.

  • In the wake of entering the Amazon actuation code, go to the TV screen, you will see that your membership is initiated effectively.

  • At that point click on the proceed with catch to appreciate Amazon prime videos.


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