Best Android apps for Screen Recording

 In this article, we will give you the list of the Best Android apps for Screen Recording, and also you can download it through the given link. If you are a YouTuber or content creator, then it is very compulsory to know about the best screen recording apps. So that they can enhance your video quality.

best screen recorder app

In a mobile device like Xiaomi, you can see the in-built feature of screen recording so that you can use it very easily by simply clicking on it. But the mobile like Micromax, LAVA, etc, you will not get this screen recording feature. You have to download the apps for screen recording. So let’s go to the article and discuss the Best Screen Recorder.


5 Best Android apps for Screen Recording

1. AZ Screen Recorder

2. Twitch and YouTube Gaming

3. Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

4. Vysor

5. Google Play Games


AZ Screen Recorder

Price: Free / $2.99

AZ Screen Recorder is a very famous app for screen recording on Android devices. This app doesn’t require root permission and has no time limits, no watermarks. AZ Screen Recorder is lightweight software, easy to access, and very cheap. 

This app gives you features like an overlay button, a built-in small video editor, and also you can add a front-facing camera for your gaming streams. You will get the pro version of AZ Screen Recorder after paying $2.99.

Download Link:- AZ Screen Recorder


Twitch and YouTube Gaming

Price: Free

Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the streaming services now including mobile support. You can easily stream your game without facing any problem. Twitch and YouTube Gaming both allow you to download your streaming video after the streaming ends. 

Basically, Twitch is the best option for Gamers, it becomes slightly difficult if you want to use it except for gaming. You have no need to pay for Twitch it’s a free service.

Download Link:- Twitch


Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

Price: Free / Up to $20.99

Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 is simple and good-looking software. The good about this software is you will get extra features like support of many languages, taking screenshots, video editing, support for the phone cameras. 

You can not edit your videos at a high level. This software is good for the basic level. The free version of Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 also worked well in your case, if you only want screen recording.

Download Link:- Screen Recorder by Kimcy929



Price: Free with ads / $2/month

Note: You need a screen recorder for your PC, otherwise you will not be able to record your videos.

Vysor is a small size application and allows you to cast your Android device to your computer screen through the USB.

You will not the feature for screen recording in this app, you have to cast it on your computer, and then using a PC Screen Recorder you can record your mobile screen. 

So you have to compromise with the quality and never depend on this software, also you have to record files on your computer manually.  

Download Link:- Vysor


Google Play Games

Price: Free

Some people will definitely surprise when they use Google Play Games for screen recording. Yes, Google Play Games gives you a screen recording feature but this screen recording feature is introduced only for the Gamers. 

You have to simply launch the game directly from Google Play Games and it records your all files. You can reach around the game-only limit by dropping out of the middle recording of the game and then going to whatever app you want. Especially for the gamers, it’s a good choice.

Download Link:- Google Play Games


Final Words 

We have provided the best screen recorder for your mobile devices. Now the one-word answer is to go with the AZ Screen Recorder. 

This is the best screen recorder in all of them and you will be satisfied with its free version, otherwise you can purchase it at $2.99. Now it’s your time to choose the best screen recorder according to your need.

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Best Android apps for Screen Recording

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