Best BSNL Broadband Unlimited Plans for Home

If you are looking for the best BSNL broadband plan according to your need, then you are at the right post. BSNL is a state-owned telecom company and the largest wired broadband service provider in India, which provides telecom services in several states of India. 

Internet plans of BSNL

For the first time, FTTH is deployed successfully by the BSNL. Bharat Fiber(FTTH) is a unique and amazing technology. BSNL provides fiber services and plans in India. In the new BSNL broadband plans, you will get a free Hotstar subscription for free.

Note:- If the company claims a 50Mbps speed plan, then you have to divide it by 10 and you will get the actual speed of that plan. It means you will get 6-7Mpbs in your daily life. 

Wifi Plans for BSNL

BSNL Latest Combo Broadband Plans for PAN India on 21.5.2021. For the Latest BSNL Broadband Plans Visit the Cellone website 

FTTH Plans

FTTH Plans Bandwidth           FUP limit                FUP Speed after the limit Price (in Rs)     
Superstar 300 with Free Hotstar 50Mbps 300GB/month 2Mbps ₹749
500GB CUL 50Mbps 500GB/month ₹777
600GB CUL 50Mbps 600GB/month 2Mbps ₹849
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium 50Mbps 500GB/month 24Mbps ₹949
750GB Plan 100Mbps 750GB/month 2Mbps ₹1277
33GB CUL 100Mbps 750GB/month 24Mbps ₹949
40GB CUL 100Mbps 40GB/day 4Mbps ₹2499
55GB CUL 100Mbps 55GB/day 4Mbps ₹4499
80GB Plan 100Mbps 80GB/day 6Mbps ₹5999
120GB Plan 100Mbps 120GB/day 8Mbps ₹9999
170GB Plan 100Mbps 170GB/day 10Mbps ₹16999

ADSL Plans

ADSL Plans Bandwidth            FUP  limit           FUP speed after the limit Price (in Rs)       
1.5GB CUL 8Mbps 1.5GB/day 1Mbps ₹299
2GB CUL 8Mbps 2GB/day 1Mbps ₹149
2GB CUL 8Mbps 2GB/day 1Mbps ₹399
3GB CUL 8Mbps 3GB/day 1Mbps ₹499
4GB CUL 10Mbps 4GB/day 2Mbps ₹599
5GB CUL 10Mbps 5GB/day 2Mbps ₹699
Superstar 300 (Hotstar free) 10Mbps 300GB/month 2Mbps ₹749
12GB CUL 10Mbps 12GB/day 2Mbps ₹899
Superstar 500 (Hotstar Premium) 10Mbps 500GB/month 5Mbps ₹949
10GB CUL 10Mbps & 3 SIM cards(unlimited) 10GB/day 2Mbps ₹1199
22GB CUL 10Mbps 22GB/day 2Mbps ₹1299
25GB CUL 10Mbps 25GB/day 4Mbps ₹1599
30GB CUL 16Mbps 30GB/day 4Mbps ₹1849
35GB CUL 24Mbps 35GB/day 4Mbps ₹2349

Best Budget Fiber Plans

If you are in the budget range and finding good BSNL Fiber plans, then read the features offered by these four plans. So as per budget range, we have decided only the best plans under Rs 1500.

The first fiber plan from BSNL is at Rs 485, this plan offers 100GB FUP with a speed of 20Mbps and you will get 2Mbps speed after FUP.
The next budget fiber plan is Superstar 300 plan, this plan offers 300GB data per month with a speed of 50Mbps at Rs 749.  You will get an additional offer like free Hotstar VIP subscription.

Now the next BSNL fiber plan is Rs 949, in this plan, you will get a 500GB FUP with the speed of 50Mbps and the best cracking deal is you will get 24Mbps speed after FUP. Also, you will get the free Hotstar premium subscription with this plan, so overall an amazing plan is offered by the BSNL.

If you have more budget and you need a good speed internet plan, then you can go with the 750GB CUL plan. This plan offers 750GB data per month with 100Mbps speed and 2MB speed after FUP. This plan costs you Rs 1277 which a decent amount. You will get extra features like Free Hotstar VIP and Hotstar premium subscription.

The maximum speed offered by the BSNL Fiber plan is 100Mbps, but if you need a high-speed broadband connection then you can go with the Airtel and Jio.

Best Expensive Fiber Plans

Now if you need a large amount of data per month and you are thinking about the best BSNL plans, then you can read the below article. I will cover all the best BSNL Fiber plans and also provides you a good suggestion.

The first expensive plan costs Rs 5999; this plan offers you 80GB data per day with the speed of 100Mbps and it gives 6Mbps speed after the FUP limit. This is a good deal by BSNL, and I also like their Rs 5999 plan.

If you want more data than 80GB per day, then you should go with their Rs 9999 plan. This plan offers 120GB data per day with the speed of 100Mbps and it gives 8Mbps speed after the FUP limit. According to me, this BSNL broadband plan is too expensive, you should not consider it. 

Bonus Tip:- Go with the Jio Broadband plan of Rs 5999. This plan offers you 5000GB FUP which is around 166GB data per day with the speed of 1Gbps. 
Price(in Rs) 9999 5999
Data 120GB/day 5000 GB/month
Speed 100Mbps 1 Gbps

Best BSNL Broadband Unlimited Plans for Home

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