Best Budget Gaming PC Build under Rs 10000

In today’s life, the Computer plays an important role in daily life. But due to some reasons, the middle-class family can not afford the PC which costs 50-60k. So in this article, we are going to give my best advice to build a gaming pc under 10k.

From this PC build, you can expect some gaming and video editing. But this PC build is best for office use and normal browsing.

It provides you a good experience at 720p gaming, a small level of video editing, and other small work that can easily be done on this PC.


You can assemble this gaming pc at home after buying pc components. If you think is hard work then you can pay some money for it at your local shops. The given below components are the best for this gaming pc under 10000.

Tip:- Purchase all PC parts from the offline store instead of online. In all pc parts, you can save up to Rs 100-200.

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Best Components for a PC build under 10000


1.  Intel Core i3 3240 Processor

Intel Core i3 3240 processor

Specification of this Processor

  • Core clock: 3.40 GHz
  • Cores: 2
  • Threads: 4
  • Bus speed: 1600 MHz
  • TDP: 55W
  • Socket support: LGA 1155

Intel Core i3 3240 is a 3rd generation processor. It comes with 2 cores and 4 threads. It is a much better CPU as compared to Intel Core 2 Duo E84000 CPU.

For normal working, programming, and low-end video editing this process is best according to price. This processor provides a gaming experience of the high-end games at 720(HD resolution) medium to high setting.

Tip:- For best deals, Use Add to Cart option during Amazon Sales.


2.  Zebronics H61 Motherboard

zebronics h61 motherboard


Specification of this Motherboard

  • Supports LGA 1155 socket
  • Ram: up to 16GB supported 1600 MHz
  • PCIe version: 2.0
  • With four USB port
  • One VGI port and one HDMI port

Under the budget section, you have an option to choose Zebronics H61 Motherboard. This motherboard comes with LGA 1155 socket so this motherboard fully supports the Intel Core i3 3240 processor.

You can install some high-end graphics cards like GTX 1050, GTX 1650 in the motherboard according to the budget of the pc build. This is the best part of this motherboard.

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You can add 2 DDR3 1600Mhz RAM to this motherboard. A Pair of  8GB 1600Mhz is the maximum capacity of the motherboard. After adding 16GB 1600Mhz RAM this pc is capable to experience the game at 1080p(Full HD resolution)medium setting.


3. GTX 750 Ti Graphics card (optional)

GTX 750Ti Graphics card


As we all know Graphic Card is the most important part of gaming Pc to play high-end games smoothly with good fps. This is the best graphic card ( GTX 750ti) according to the budget and this makes your pc fast.

The main thing about this graphic card is, it is not easily available at online shops like Amazon, Flipkart. If you want to upgrade your old pc then it is good and justifies its price

The price of this graphic card is around Rs 2600 in second-hand condition. You can check on Olx,  Quikr, It is much much better than both GT 710 2GB variant and GT 730 2GB variant graphic card.


4. Hynix 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

Hynix 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM


Specification of Hynix RAM

  • Memory Storage Capacity: 4 GB
  • RAM Size: DDR3
  • RAM speed: 1600Mhz

The Ram is mainly used to make your computer working fast. According to the Pc Budget in this Pc build, we used 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM. You can add up to 16GB 1600MHz RAM to this motherboard.

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5. Circle Power Supply (400 watts)

Circle 400 watt Power Supply


In this pc build, we didn’t need more power so that’s why we are choosing Circle 400  Watt SMPS. This is sufficient for our pc build and a good choice for those whose pc budget is under 10000. The price of this SMPS is very less it cost you around 800 on Amazon.


6. Seagate 500GB Hard Disk

Seagate 500GB Hard Disk


In this pc build, we are including Seagate 500GB HDD. The price of this Seagate Hardisk is 1700. If you can’t compromise with your pc speed then I will prefer you to spend money on SSD instead of HDD. In the beginning purchase a 240GB WD Green SSD then in the future you can add a 500GB HDD according to your budget.

Bonus Tip:-  If you can spend slightly more you can include WD Green 240 SSD which costs Rs 2600 in the local market and provide you a good speed.


7. Circle Desire D1 CABINET

Circle Desire D1 CABINET


This Circle Desire D1 cabinet is used in our build and this is an amazingly good-looking cabinet in our budget. This cabinet comes with 2 USB slots and with microphone, headset jack.

In this cabinet, SMPS is already given. The cost of this cabinet is Rs 2190 on Amazon. If you can compromise with the good looks of your cabinet then definitely go with the old cabinet and power supply. You can save Rs 1000, spent this money on purchase SSD.

Bonus Tip:-  If you have a low budget then go with the old cabinet and power supply that cost you around Rs 1200 in the local market.

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Summary and Total price of PC under Rs 10000

Name of component Component Price
Processor Intel Core i3-3240 Rs 1700
RAM Hynix DDR3 4GB RAM Rs 1400
Motherboard Zebronics H61 Motherboard Rs 3700
Power supply
Rs 2150
Hard disk Seagate 500GB Rs 1700
Graphics card GTX 750Ti 2GB (optional)
Total Rs 10649

Total Cost of this PC Build: Rs 10649


Performance of this PC Build

According to the budget, this is the best pc build for play games and video editing. This is value for money pc build and it provides double the core 2 duo processor.

It provides you a good experience while using Microsoft Software, Chrome and etc without any lag and shutter. You can play normal games like GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City easily and it provides you a good FPS.

But if you want to play high games then you will definitely miss the enjoy and maybe you can face some lag or shuttering issue but overall the pc is good according to the price.

But if want to play high graphic demanding games like GTA V, Call of Duty Modern War, Red Redemption 2 and etc. Then you should definitely upgrade your pc with graphic cards like GTX 750ti or GTX 950. GTX 750ti will cost you more than Rs 3000.

Note:-  Never buy GT 710 or GT 1039 graphic cards because they are not made for gaming. They are used for display cards.



If you have a low budget and can’t afford a high-end pc and you can also play games on 720p then definitely this build is for you.

But if you can’t afford a GTX 750ti graphic card then you can also check out GTX graphic cards like GTX 650ti or GTX 660.

So here’s is the best suggestion from us, to build a gaming pc under 10000 then surely go with the above pc components.

Now it is your turn to comment down below and rate our pc components. If you a better suggestion related to this pc build then definitely tell us. It will help some other people who can’t afford high-end pc. If you have any query then comment down below we will check it out and give our best experience.


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Best Budget Gaming PC Build under Rs 10000

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  3. This is only a PC Build, so we do not consider Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor. But you can purchase a zeb-transformer combo, and LG 18 inch monitor, it will cost you additional upto 6500.

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