Best Working Windows Emulator for Android in 2021

In this article, we will discuss the Best Windows 10 Emulator for Windows 10. Most of us have used Windows operating system in our life, because it is easy to use, trusted, and the most popular operating system all over the world.

The ATMs also using the Windows operating system. Firstly they started with the Windows XP operating system but now they have started to shift to a new version of windows. 

Maybe some of the users feel hectic while installing windows on their PC. So those users want to try windows on their Android phones.

If you seriously want windows on your PC, then you have to need a simulator as a windows emulator for android. So you need the best Windows emulator for Android to run windows, then this article is for you.

Note: You can not never run the .exe files on your android phones, but with the help of PC Emulator it is possible to run the .exe files. But only a limited feature all most of the apps won’t even work properly.

Best PC Emulator for Android

1. Wine 3.0

2. Limbo PC Emulator

3. JPCMSIM – Windows Simulator

4. Win7 Simu

5. Win 98 Simulator


If you want to run Windows apps on any Android device then it will be as close as Windows Emulator for Android. This wine emulator supports both 32-bit, as well as 64-bit Windows applications. Wine is a multi-platform emulator for running Windows applications on various operating systems.

Wine Emulator

It will take some time to find the stable version according to your device, this emulator provides the user interface is more of a Windows 98 theme. We must wait for the upcoming version to pay more attention to the compatibility part.

Limbo PC Emulator

It is an open-source, lightweight, and very popular PC emulator for android. This emulator will easily run Windows 7, 8.1, 10 on your android phone. 

Limbo PC Emulator

If your Android mobile doesn’t support the x86 version of limbo apk gives an error or not starting then go with the x64 version of the limbo application. 

JPCMSIM – Windows Simulator

JPCMSIM-Windows simulator highest rated emulator with impressive reviews.
This emulator provides the various versions of Windows range starting from MS-DOS to  Windows 7. You can use an original Windows disc for simulation on your android phone. It stimulates Windows operating system and provides you a similar feel. 

JPCMSIM – Windows Simulator

After the simulation of windows completes, you can experience the paint, media player, my computer, calculator, and some other task. You will get the features like an on-screen mouse pointer, in-built onboard keyword in this PC emulator.

Win7 Simulator

This Win7 simulator gives full support of Windows 7, and work fine on Android with basic function. This emulator gives a decent experience with windows explorer, and the good thing about this emulator is it gives battery indication in the taskbar. 

Win7 Simu

In addition, there are settings for your device in the Control Panel. You will also get the games like Minesweeper on the desktop screen. When you launch the simulator for the first time, you are greeted by the Windows boot screen and taken to the user login page.

Win 98 Simulator

This Win 98 simulator is basic and outdated, that supports Windows 98 also at this time. You can easily run a media player, notepad, internet surfing, but you will not be able to the majority of applications in this emulator. 

Win 98 Simulator

You can simply click on the keyboard symbol on the screen to use the keyboard but the only source of clicking is the mouse-pointer. Your phone’s default web browser will run in the Internet Explorer, and you can easily surf websites, youtube videos in this browser.

Final Words

Wine is a very nice PC Emulator for Android, it gives the feeling like you are really using windows, and this emulator is very close to windows. Other emulators also provide a windows environment with the basic functionalities. Once you use the Wine PC Emulator you will love this emulator.

Best Working Windows Emulator for Android in 2021

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