BGMI Season M3 Royale Pass Final Release Date & Leaked Reward

Krafton has released the leaks and released date of the much-awaited battle royale title BGMI in India. The title delivers the same BR gaming experience with Ultra HD quality graphics and immersive elements.

BGMI RP Season M3 Treasure rewards leak

Players can purchase many interesting in-game items such as  Elite Royale Pass, Elite Plus Royale Pass upgradable skins and weapons, and treasure create in this season.

BGMI has introduced a new Royal Pass system. The new regime has a monthly RP cycle instead of a two-month RP cycle like PUBG Mobile.

The maximum RP rank is 50 that was shifted from RP Rank 100 in previous seasons.

BGMI Season M3 Royale Pass
Source: Krafton

So it would be easy for players to achieve the 50 Rank instead of 100 Rank. You will get a mythic item each season on reaching the 50 Rank.

Now take a look at the BGMI Month 3 Royale Pass, BGMI Royal Pass Leaks & Rewards.

Themed Bundles: Deep-Fried Set and Macha Bruiser Set.

Companion: German Shepherd and German Shepherd Battle Set

Emotes: Twist Dance; Macha Bruiser (a cool dance), Deep Fried (serving a chip box)

Weapon Skins: Lone Wolf QBZ skin, Veggie Parcel M16A4. 



Source: Krafton

The BGMI M3 RP Season is expected to start from 17th to 19th September 2021. The new RP price has been set at 360 UC for the Elite Royale Pass and 960 UC for the Elite Plus Royale Pass.

According to leaks, the next season is expected to be based on food items. In the leak, the RP avatar for season M3 can be seen with French fries headgear.


BGMI 1 to 50 RP Rewards in Telugu 

The next is expected to be based on the food items as per the leaks. According to the leaks, the RP avatar for season M3 can be seen with French fries headgear.


BGMI RP Season M3 Treasure rewards leak

The next RP season will include the Rabbit Set, Golden Kar98K, Golden M16A4, and many more items in the new treasures. These rewards were available in the game’s Season 3 Royale Pass. Players who were unable to get these rewards in the last RP season can get them in this M3 Royale Pass Treasure Rewards.


BGMI C1S2 tier reward leaks

Bronze Tier reward

200 silver fragments.


Silver Tier reward

400 silver fragments.


Diamond Tier Reward

Upon reaching the Diamond Tier, you will receive the C1S2 Groza skin. Also, the players will get 1000 silver fragments for free.


Ace Tier Reward

C1S2 Ace Name tag

C1S2 Ace Title

The exclusive team-up effect at the lobby.

The player needs 4200 level ranking points to reach the Ace Tier. Along with the tier prizes discussed, players will also receive 1600 silver fragments.

For more information, you can visit the Battleground Mobile India website.



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BGMI Season M3 Royale Pass Final Release Date & Leaked Reward

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