Fix Google Keeps Stopping Error – 100% Working

If you are facing a problem related to “Google Keeps Stopping” Error on Android. So we are here to help you, read the below steps carefully. We have mentioned 3 methods in our article. Maybe any one of them will work for you. In most cases, these are the highly recommended methods that worked properly in your case.

Google Keep stopping error


Fix Google Keeps Stopping Error on Android

There are 3 simple and easy to fix the “Google Keeps Stopping” Error on your Android device.


1. Restart the Phone

We keep using this method in most of our Android tips and tricks because despite being very basic, it is still one of the best ways to fix all kinds of problems on Android phones.

Restart your phone

Most of you probably know how to restart your phone by using the Power button.

And in case, if someone doesn’t know, he can long press the power button and select the restart option. After that, try to use the Google app again and see if that fixes it.


2. Clear Cache and Data of Google App

You know that clearing the cache on Android can help you fix many issues on the go. Similarly clearing the app storage can also fix this problem for you.

Google clear cache & data 3 Google clear cache & data 4

Google app consumes data in GB from your phone’s storage after continuous use, so it is important to clear it.

You can also force-close the Google app to fix the problem. As you know, forcing it stops all background and foreground processes and can fix the crashing problem. Here’s how to force stop the app:

1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Go to the Apps & notifications.

3. Tap See all apps or App info.

4. Here select Google from the list.

5. On the app info page, tap Force stop and confirm on the pop-up.


3. Uninstall Google App Updates

1. Find the Google app in the app drawer & long-press the app icon.

Google clear cache & data 1

2. Now, tap on the ā€˜iā€™ button (App Info) to access the info page of the Google app.

3. Tap on the three dots menu at the top-right corner of the app info page.

4. Now, tap ā€œUninstall updatesā€, and then on ā€œOKā€ to confirm.


After doing all these steps, We hope the Google app should not be closed. Again, you should avoid updating the app to the latest version until Google releases a solution to this problem.

I hope this article will be really helpful for you to fix this Google Keeps stopping error. If this post becomes helpful for you then share this post with your friends, also bookmark our website for future updates.

Till now Stay Tuned!


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Fix Google Keeps Stopping Error – 100% Working

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