Fix: YouTube not working on Samsung TV

 Fixed, YouTube App not launching on Samsung Smart TV

Watching YouTube on the big screen can take your experience to the next level. Everyone wants to enjoy the vlogs of their favorite Creator or YouTuber at 4k resolution. This gives little satisfaction to them, but in some cases, your Smart showing an error on launching the YouTube app.

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There are many reasons why your YouTube app may not work on yourSmart TV. This may be due to a bug on your smart TV system or maybe the cause of your cache problem.

YouTube not working on Samsung TV
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If you have same problem related to launching the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV, then follow the below methods carefully. We have listed five methods to overcome this issue. Maybe any one of them will be helpful for you so that you can enjoy the YouTube videos and vlogs on the large screen.

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Methods to fix the issue:-

  Update your YouTube App

  Reinstall the YouTube App

  Power Cycle your Samsung Smart TV

  Reboot your router

⇒  Relaunch the YouTube App

Method 1: Update your YouTube App

There may be problems face, due to the bugs in the old version of YouTube. You can try this updating method to work YouTube properly on your TV

1. Press the Smart HUB button on your remote.

2. Go to Features, and find the YouTube App.

3. Press and hold the Enter button on your remote

4. A sub-menu page will appear, now look for Update apps and select the option.

5. Click on Select All and Update All option.

6. Once the installation process completes, restart your TV.

7. Now Launch YouTube App

Method 2: Reinstall your YouTube App

Another method is to fix the issue is by reinstall the app on your TV.

1. Go to Apps on your Smart HUB.

2. Click on the Settings option.

3. Find the YouTube App and click on it.

4. Select Reinstall and wait until it completes.

5.  Now Launch YouTube App.

Method 3: Power Cycle your Samsung Smart TV

In some cases power restart a Smart TV to fix the bug, and software glitches. So at least one time try this method, maybe it is helpful for you.

1. Completely Power off your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Unplug your TV cable from the power source.

3. Wait for a minute and now plug-in cable to the power source.

4.  Now Turn the TV On and Launch the YouTube App.

Method 4: Reboot your Router

Sometimes your router gives you a problem in connecting to the Smart TV. So reboot your router by following the below steps:-

1. Power off your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Unplug your Router and Modem.

3. Wait for a minute and now plugin router and modem

4. After connecting the router and modem, Turn the TV On.

5. Relaunch YouTube App.

Method 5: Relauch the YouTube App

If none of the methods works, then try this relaunching method.

1. Open the YouTube App on your TV.

2. Press and Hold the Back arrow on your TV Remote.

3. Once you go back to Smart HUB, then launch the YouTube App again.

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Fix: YouTube not working on Samsung TV

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