Flying Beast Cracked LLB Entrance Exam

Gaurav Taneja, mainly known as the Flying Beast, and he is one the most successful Indian YouTuber with over 6.6 million subscribers at that time.

Their successful YouTube Channels are:-

1. Fit Muscle TV (Fitness Channel)

2. Flying Beast (Vlog Channel)

3. Rasbhari ke Papa (Gaming Channel)

Gaurav Taneja on LLB Entrance Exam

Gaurav Taneja, The Flying Beast of Youtube.

Profession Content Creator, Pilot, Fitness Guru, Certified Nutritionist
Date of Birth 9th July 1986
Age 34
Education Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur
All their subscribers know that Gaurav Taneja was preparing for the LLB Entrance Exam to become a lawyer. They started their studies and started to tell about the laws and constitution rules in their daily vlogs. 
Although he created a hype or started making dhindora on YouTube, as well as on Instagram to become a lawyer. He starts to do hardwork and studies for the whole day and night to prepare for an LLB Entrance Exam.
October 19, when the answer key was released. Firstly he started praying to God, also takes blessings from his parents. Then they started to match their answer as per the answer key.
According to Gaurav Taneja, he doesn’t attempt the First Question of the exam. 
1 Correct, and 8 unattempted out of the first 9 questions.
11 Correct, 1 Incorrect, and 8 unattempted out of 20 questions.
27 Correct, 2 Incorrect, and 8 unattempted out of 40 questions.
he shared a page of –
56 Correct, 13 Incorrect, 4 unsure, and 24 unattempted out of 100 questions.
He also attaches a clip after calculating the marks,  As per My Calculations – I am not qualifying. 
But he is still confused between 24 unattempted and 4 unsure questions. He said I didn’t attempt 20 questions only but here he is getting a total of 24 unattempted questions. 
Now, these 4 questions can save him or achieve the goal of becoming a lawyer once in his life. Also, he is in a critical situation because neither he is fully satisfied nor he got patience according to the answer key result.
When Ritu Rathee asks daughter Kiara about Gaurav’s Exam result that he will pass or fail – Rashu said Fail.
At last, he said now the result is depending on the God and he works hard to become a lawyer and he will wait until the LLB Entrance Exam comes.
Also, Gaurav Taneja added- He is very weak in current affairs, so they start to read the newspaper daily to strengthen their current affairs part.
His wife Ritu Rathee starts crying when Gaurav Taneja has not qualified for the exam because he made work hard and results do not come in his favor.
Flying Beast said he will try for once more time to become a lawyer. But he changes himself and again said now he will only work hard to crack the exam.
Hopefully, the 4 unsure question answers become correct that helps sir to achieve lawyer name.
Final Update: The first list is listed on 235 score. Gaurav Taneja scored 235 marks in the exam and Cracked LLB Entrance Exam and now they join D.U. to take their law degree.
Flying Beast Cracked LLB Entrance Exam

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