2 Ways to Cancel the Planet Fitness Membership 

Planet Fitness is a very popular and trusted chain of fitness centers. But when it comes to canceling the membership plan, they had not adopted modern customer service, which means you have to send a letter via postal service or visit their home club and talk to front desk representatives.

Cancel Fitness Membeship

So if you want to cancel your planet fitness membership then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss about How you can cancel your Planet Fitness Membership.

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2 Ways to Cancel the Planet Fitness Membership

In order to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership, you have to visit your gym in person at the front desk or write an offline letter because Planet Fitness doesn’t allow anyone to cancel their membership via phone or e-mail.

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How to Cancel Planet Fitness in person

⇒ Visit your nearby Planet Fitness facility.

⇒ Ask staff to provide you a membership cancellation form.

⇒ Take the membership cancellation form from the staff member.

⇒ Complete fill-up the form and request the staff to contact you, once your membership is canceled.

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How to Cancel Planet Fitness via Mail (Postal Service)

⇒ Start with a request to cancel the membership

⇒ Give your below information details in the letter

1. Your Name

2. Planet Fitness Membership Id Number

3. Date of Birth

4. Address

5. Phone Number

6. Email address

7. Last Four Digits of your Credit card number.

8. Give a sign on the letter.

9. Send the letter via certified mail to the GYM mail address.

In case, if you don’t receive a response from your Fitness club, then call Planet Fitness and raise your query of not receiving the response or ask them to check the received letter. But if you are facing any problem with your certified letter then visit personally.


How to upgrade or downgrade Planet Fitness Membership

If you want to upgrade your Fitness Membership, you can upgrade it via offline or online. Open the Upgrade Webpage in the browser and follow their instructions step by step, but for this online method you need a Fitness Keytag number to complete the up-gradation process, also you can do this in person at the front desk representatives.

But in case of a downgrade Planet Fitness Membership, the only way is you can do this in person at the front desk representatives.

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Give any 3 Reasons why want to cancel your Gym Membership

The members of Fitness Club may find various reasons for canceling their memberships. But below mention are the main reasons for canceling the  Planet Fitness membership. It is not necessary to give the same reasons, you can give any reason according to your situation.

⇒ Busy Schedule

⇒ Long Travel

⇒ Planet Fitness’s yearly plan is cheap.

⇒ Equipped in-house Gym

I hope you have now answered to all these below questions. If you have any queries please comment down.

How do I cancel my membership at planet fitness?

How can I cancel my membership at planet fitness?

How to cancel my membership at planet fitness?

How much does it cost to cancel my membership at planet fitness?


FAQ’s on Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness may let you to pause your membership in case if you feel ill or get any injury. So for pausing the Planet fitness membership you have to contact their customer service.


No, Planet Fitness doesn't offer anyone to refund if you cancel your membership.


Planet Fitness Membership does not allow anyone to cancel the membership online. For canceling the membership you have to visit their home desk representatives of the branch.


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2 Ways to Cancel the Planet Fitness Membership 

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