How to Cancel WoW Subscription – 2 Easy Methods

Cancel World of Warcraft Subscription (WoW)

War of Warcraft is one of the most popular games, played by a large audience. This game includes interesting activities that allow players to control character avatars, perform a full quest, fight against monsters, etc. In some games, you have to choose the subscription after the free trial version ends, and you have to pay a small amount for it.

Cancel WoW subscription

If you want to cancel the WoW subscription, but if you face any difficulty while canceling the subscription. Then follow your three simple ways to cancel World of Warcraft subscription.


Points to know before Cancelling the Subscription

There is no refund (updated: Blizzard refunds WoW, check the request process below) if you cancel a World of Warcraft game subscription. This is the general policy of the game service provider, you cannot do anything.

If you cancel the World of Warcraft Game subscription, there is no refund (updated: Blizzard refunds WoW, check the request process below). You can not do anything,  this is the general policy of the game service providers.


Blizzard Refund Policy of WoW

Blizzard clearly mentions:-

1. All the purchases are non-refundable.

2. Blizzard reserves the right to decide whether to refund or not.

3. Although it is rare, Blizzard sometimes compensates customers.

Under certain conditions, Blizzard will accept your claim for a refund.

1. Even if you haven’t played the game for several months, the subscription is paying by itself.

2. You did not know that the membership was renewed.

3. Membership was canceled but continued to be charged.

You should definitely contact Blizzard Support to apply for a refund if you believe you have the right to a refund.


How to Manage WoW Subscription

Regular WoW Subscription
The subscription fee will be charged immediately at the rate you choose (eg every six months, every month, every three months) using your preferred payment method. It will continue till its cancellation. You can cancel your game subscription at any time.

Prepaid Game Card
No regular subscription is required, anyone can play the game, or add a prepaid card to the account. If you subscribe/subscribe later, you will not be charged until the end of the current subscription period. By the way, the game card must match the specific region of your World of Warcraft account. In addition, it must be activated by the seller.

Digital Game Time

The working principle of Digital Game Time is the same as that of Prepaid Game Card (no recurring payment required). It can also be purchased at Blizzard stores. Can also give gifts. When you purchase Digital Time as a gift and the order is completed, the recipient will receive the code in an email.


3 Ways to Cancel WoW Subscription

1. Cancel WoW Subscription through Blizzard Account.

2. Cancel WoW Subscription through the account.

3. Cancel WoW Subscription with DoNotpay.

Cancel WoW Subscription through Blizzard Account.

The first method to cancel the Wow subscription through Blizzard entertainment. After the game’s time expired, your account will automatically inactive and you have to renew your WoW subscription to continue further in-game. So if you have purchased the WoW subscription, then the below steps help you a lot in canceling the WoW subscription.

1. Go to Blizzard’s website.

2. Enter your Blizzard account details to log in.

3. Now choose the account that you want to cancel your subscription.

4. Click on the Cancel Subscription option and Wait.

5. You have successfully canceled your WoW membership.


Cancel WoW Subscription through account

If the first method fails, then try this Battle net method to cancel your WoW subscription. It also have the same steps as Blizzard entertainment.

1. Go to the website.

2. Enter your Battle account details to log in.

battle net

3. Click on the Cancel Game Subscription option at the bottom right corner.

4. Give a reason, why you want to cancel th

e game subscription.

5. Click on Yes, please cancel my WoW subscription option.

6. You have successfully canceled your WoW subscription.


Cancel WoW Subscription with DoNotpay

DoNotPay is the best app that immediately cancels all subscriptions with the appropriate action. If both the above methods didn’t work in your case, then you can try DoNotPay services. DoNotPay is always ready to give its best to its customers. So follow the below steps to cancel the WoW subscription.

1. Go to the DoNotPay website.

2. Login with your account details.

3. Enter World of Warcraft to find your WoW subscription.

4. Now Cancel your subscription and Wait.

5. You have successfully canceled your WoW subscription.


Final Thought

Cancel the World of Warcraft subscription only if you do not have enough time to spend on WoW Game or your interest create in other games. Then canceling is the only option you have.


FAQ’s on WoW Subscription Cancellation

You can call Blizzard's customer support directly using these steps:-

1. Dial (877) 566-3886 on your phone.

2. Tell your problem to Blizzard's representative.

3. Confirm your account information.

4. Explain that the WoW subscription is reimbursed.

5. Give a reason for the refund.

The refunding time is not fixed normally it takes a week to refund, but in some cases, it can take a whole month.


Blizzard will not delete your Characters if you cancel your subscription. Your account will be frozen before your game membership is restored, but you can use a game time card to reactivate your account.

How to Cancel WoW Subscription – 2 Easy Methods

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