How to Delete Spotify Account 100% working- Easy Guide

In this article, we will discuss How you can delete your Spotify Account. However, if you do not want your old account to end up on the Internet and receive annoying emails associated with it, you can consider deleting it altogether and this deleting process can only be done using the desktop browser.

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Can I change My Spotify Username?

No, you can not change Spotify’s username because Spotify does not allow anyone to change their username. Spotify username is created with random numbers and letters, difficult to remember, and it is automatically assigned by Spotify when you sign up. That’s why you can not customize or change it.

Table of Content:-

1. Cancel Spotify Subscription

For Desktop
For iOS

2. Deleting Spotify Account

3. Sign in with Apple, Google, Facebook

Cancel old Subscription

Always remember that you can not cancel your Spotify subscription using the Spotify app. The canceling process can only be done through their website on Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, or you are using the desktop browser version of Spotify through your mobile device. 

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Follow the steps to cancel your subscription:-

1. Go to and sign in to your account.

2. Tap on the Profile photo at the upper-right corner.

3. Scroll downwards to Your Plans section.

4. Select Change Plan.

5. Select Cancel Premium.

If you have already purchased your subscription through iTunes, you can cancel your subscription using if iOS app or Mac, Windows app.


1. Open the iTunes app.

2. Now Select Account in the menu.

3. Click on the View My Account option.

4. Scroll downwards to the Settings section.

5. Select Manage next to Subscription.

6. Now Find your Spotify subscription.

7. Click on the Edit option.

8. Cancel the subscription.


1. Go to Settings in the app.

2. Select your Apple ID.

3. Click on Subscriptions options.

4. Now Select your Spotify subscription.

5. Cancel your Spotify subscription

Deleting the Spotify account 

Note: Please make sure you have canceled your Spotify subscription.

After canceling the subscription, now straight sign in to your Spotify account with Google/Facebook/Apple (any one of them). Deleting the Spotify account can only be done through your desktop browser. Follow the below steps to delete the Spotify account.

1. Go to Spotify’s customer support page.

2. Click on the Account option.

3. Choose I want to close my account.

4. Click on the Close account option on the next page. Now you will warn that you will lose your playlists and followers. 

5. Confirm the check box that you understand the results, and click the “Continue” button.

6. Now check your email associated with Spotify. 

7. Click on Continue to confirm

8. Click on the Close My Account link.

9. You have successfully deleted your account.

Sign in with Apple, Google, Facebook

It becomes easy to sign in with Google, Apple, Facebook because it is a straightforward process. You need a desktop browser to sign in to Spotify.

1. Go to and click on the login option.

2. Click on Continue with Google/Facebook/Apple option.

3. Confirm after being redirected to your Facebook account.

4. You have successfully sign in to Spotify.

Now your Spotify username is created, and it is similar to the account username you use on Facebook, Apple, Google. It depends on you which network username you want.

Last words

Before deleting your Spotify account, please make sure you have canceled your subscription and this deleting the Spotify account can only be done via the Spotify website on Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook.

If you want to change your Spotify username, then this is not possible (one-word answer).

How to Delete Spotify Account 100% working- Easy Guide

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