How to Delete Telegram account in 2021

Telegram is the very popular and the best alternative to Whatsapp. Because of the Whatsapp New Privacy policy, many users have uninstalled or leave Whatsapp. Also, these people shifted towards the Telegram. 

How to delete the account in telegram

But some of them didn’t like the Telegram interface, etc. So they want to delete their account from Telegram and going to test another social media platform or reuse WhatsApp with a new privacy policy. 

But they will not get any option to delete their account on the Telegram app. So the easiest method to delete your Telegram Account is by using their website. Once you deleted your account, your all data will be erased. But If you really want to delete the Telegram Account then follow our below steps.

Key Points:

1. Using the web browser, you can easily delete your Telegram account

2. In the Telegram mobile app, you will not get any option to delete your account.

3. To delete an account, you have a registered Telegram mobile number device.

How to delete your Telegram account from a web browser

Note: The confirmation code will be sent to your Telegram mobile app.

1. Go to the web browser

2. Visit the Delete Account or Manage Apps page of Telegram.

3. Enter your Mobile Number and click on the Next option.

4. Now you will receive a confirmation code from the Telegram team on your registered mobile Telegram account.

5. Enter the code and click on the Sign In option.

6. Now click on Delete My Account.

7. Click on Yes, delete my account for confirmation.

8. You have successfully deleted your Telegram account.

If you again register for the Telegram from your same mobile number, you will be welcomed with a new user without any old data, and chats.

Delete Telegram account permanently on Android/iPhone

1. Open your Telegram application

2.Go to Settings and click on the Privacy and Security option.

3. Now scroll over to the “If Away for” option.

4. Click on 6 months or to get options up to 12 months.

If the Telegram team not found any activity on your Telegram account for 6 or 12 months, then they will automatically delete your account and erase your all messages and contacts. But you have to uninstall the Telegram app also so that no activity found on your account. 

How to Delete Telegram account in 2021

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