How to Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark for Free

The stock photos are taken from photographers of different places and nature. Those photographs are copyrighted and you can’t use them for personal use otherwise you have to face issues related to ‘ You are using copyright material in your content ‘. If you wanted to use that image then you have to pay for it.

One of the best platforms for stock photos is Shutterstock. 1 lakh fresh photos are uploaded every day related to graphic design, background image, illustration,  footage, etc. Overall 263+ million images are uploaded on Shutterstock.

download Shutterstock images for free

Suppose if you are searching for graphic design images and you like Shutterstock images that are taken from professional photographers then you have to pay for it and Shutterstock transfers this amount to that particular photographer and you can use that image without any copyright issue.

If you downloaded it without paying or take a screenshot of that image then you will show the watermark of Shutterstock. But I am sharing this trick with you so that you can download Shutterstock images without a watermark for free, there are lots of tools but today I’m telling you one of them. It is a very easy-to-use, user-friendly, downloader (Instagram videos, iGTV videos).

Steps by Step GuideTo Download Shutterstock Images:

1. Open Shutterstock.

2. Search and then select the image.

3. Copy the URL of that particular image.

4.  Open


Download shutterstock images

5. Paste the stock image URL search box.

6. Now right click on the image and  click on Save Image as

7.  Go to Downloads in your Chrome browser.

8. You successfully downloaded the selected image.If you have any other method to download Shutterstock images for free then definitely comment below. So that your viewers can take profit from free Shutterstock images. If you have any query then comment down below we will check it out and give our best experience.

Disclaimer: This content is for educational purposes only Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.


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How to Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark for Free

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