How to Download Xbox 360 Games on PC

This article will learn how to buy and download Xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360 console. Starting from November 2015 and today, there are 800+ Xbox 360 titles were revealed. If you have missed any game or yearn to grab some old titles, read the full article carefully.

Download Xbox 360 games

If you are feeling lazy to set up your Xbox 360 console, then you can play Xbox 360 games on your PC with the help of an emulator.  So follow the below steps carefully.

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Table of Content:-

1. Download Xbox 360 Games From the Microsoft Store

2. Play Xbox 360 Games on PC 

3. Minimum PC Requirements to Play Xbox 360 Games 


Download Xbox 360 Games from the Microsoft Store

A limited number of titles are available to gamers through the Microsoft Store. While the number of Xbox One games far exceeds the number of Xbox 360 games, you’ll still get a selection of titles to play.

To search for your Xbox 360 games, you have to open the Microsoft Store.

1. Find and Select the Microsoft icon in the toolbar section.

2. Type the name of game in the search bar, which you want to download.

3. Select the game to enter its store page.

4. Select the Get option to purchase the app.

Play Xbox 360 Games on PC

If you are unable to find the Xbox 360 games that you want to download on the Microsoft Store, then you have another option to install an emulator to run Xbox 360 games on your PC.  You can install any emulator which you like, but we highly recommend you to use Xenia Emulator,. The Xenia is the most reliable and safest emulator available to run the Xbox 360 games on your PC.

Minimum PC Requirements to play Xbox 360 Games 

A good PC with decent specifications is required to run the Xbox 360 games. In this modern time, most PCs are enough to run Xbox 360 games.

CPU: 3.2 GHz 

RAM: At least 4GB DDR3 RAM

Hard drive: Available 250GB

Operating System: both 64 Bit X86 

Download and Install the Emulator on PC

Xenia is a safe, reliable emulator and designed as a research tool and takes a strong stand against illegal activity. Therefore make sure that any game you play through the emulator is legally obtained.

1. Visit the

2. Choose the Download option on the left-hand menu.

3. Choose the master (Vulkan) file.

4. Once the downloading completes, extract it using WinRar.

5. Now keep Xbox 360 games file in the Xenia folder.

6. Simply drag the game file onto the Xenia.exe file.

7. Now your Xbox 360 games will automatically start.

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How to Download Xbox 360 Games on PC

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