How to Earn Money using Instagram in 2021

Nowadays most of the people are using internet through their mobile phones, laptop, etc. and they are spending their most of the time in using the social media platforms. One of them, the famous platform is Instagram. 

People are using Instagram to see stories, reels, and post of their relatives and celebrities. But they don’t know how they can earn using Instagram? So this post is for you if you want to earn using Instagram. In this post, you will learn from beginning to end. Read the Below Step by Step procedures carefully and take patience.

Note: You have to maintain consistency and do hard work. After 6-8 months, you can see the results.


1.  Create your Instagram account.

2.  Upgrade your Profile.

3.  Convert to the Business account ( by connecting Gmail Id).

4.  Start posting Images and stories related to your niche.

5.  Write Description and use good #hashtags.

6.  Boost your Post ( by sharing, sponsor ad, etc.)

7.  Daily upload 2-3 posts.

8.  Try to upload Reels Daily.

9.  Set 10000+ followers gain.

10. Congratulations! Now, you can start earning.

Bonus Tip:  Use Reels, suppose if your one Reel went to trending you can gain thousands of followers to your account.

How to Earn Using Instagram in 2021

These are the 3 proven methods:

1. Become an Influencer

2.  Affiliate Marketing

3. Website and Youtube Revenue

  • To become an Instagram influencer you have to promote the brand’s product and services through Instagram or any social media platform, branded paid you massive income according to your public figure or followers. How can you do that? You have to make a post of that specific brand and giving swipe-ups, tagging. This is called Instagram influencing.
  • Affiliate marketing is a commission bases system, which means if you are promoting any eCommerce products through the link with your digital family and your members buy the product through your link then you will be rewarded with a decent amount in your affiliate program wallet and you can sell your own products in this method. This is called Affiliate Marketing.
  • If you have daily base traffic on Youtube Channel and any niche website then you can also send this traffic to your Instagram account. This is a cyclic process you can send your Instagram followers to your youtube channel, website, etc. When you have a lot of visitors to your youtube channel, blog, and Instagram then you can increase your earning potential.


Try these methods of becoming an influencer, affiliate marketing, and self-branding to your own profile.

 If you have any query then comment down below we will check it out and give our best experience.

How to Earn Money using Instagram in 2021

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