How to Emulate Windows on Mac in 2021- Step-by Step Guide

If you have an Apple machine and you want to run particular software that runs on only the windows operating system. Then you can definitely run the Windows operating system on a Mac machine, so read the full article without skipping any step otherwise you can face an error.

windows emulation on mac
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  • To run both Windows and Mac OS X at the same time,  think about the software for mac that emulates Windows. This will be considered as only one application for the Mac so you can able to use both OS at the same time.
  • Please Backup your hard drive, in some cases this process wipes out all hard drive data.
  • Research on your Windows OS, which you want to choose for the emulation for mac because in some cases you didn’t like their features.


  • Do not select partitions other than NTFS or FAT because others are not compatible with Macs.
  • Options are selected before continuing to Boot Camp Assistant as this may cause your hard drive to lose its data.
  • Mac may think that Windows is Mac OS X software. You have to force the Mac to start OS X software using the option-and-boot trick and sometimes Windows will also kill OS X and you will have to install it again.

Step by Step Guide for Windows Emulation on Mac

1. Go to About this Mac and ensure that you have not G4 and G5 Power PC Macs because the emulation software will not work.

windows emualtion on mac

2. Go to and download the Boot Camp Software. This is the software that allows you to dual boot and allow you to install windows on your Mac.

3. Click Double on .dmg file and then open bootcampassistant.pkg

emulate windows on mac

4.  Follow the installer’s prompts and wait for the boot camp to be installed. (make sure you have already download the firmware update for our Apple device from Apple’s Support Downloads).

5. Next open Boot Camp Assistant

emulate windows on mac

6. Insert a blank disk and then Select Burn a Macintosh Drivers CD now.

7. Now Select the Partition sizes for your operating system and then click on the partition option.

8. Insert the Windows Operating System according to your choice and then Select Start Installation.

9. Now Press Enter, when the blue screen on, then Select Partition C (the size should match for each OS) and then select the FAT partition format for now.

10. After the computer reboots Eject your windows disk and insert the Mac Driver CD which we burned earlier.

11. Follow all the prompts that are given by the installer assistant.

12. If it asks for a setting for new hardware, then choose default ones.

13. Click to reboot your computer when prompted by an assistant. Now after reboots, your installation process success.

14. Hold the OPTION key down.

windows emulation on mac

15. Then the screen will open and give you selection of which OS you want to boot.

16. Now you can run windows successfully on Mac.

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These are the steps to emulate Windows on Mac using Bootcamp Software. Follow our above guide correctly without missing any step, otherwise, you can not able to run Windows on Mac.


Can we run both Windows and Mac OSX at the same time?

Yes, you can run both Windows and Mac OSX at the same time. The Boot Camp software helps you to run both operating systems.

Is it necessary to keep the backup of the hard drive?

It becomes necessary because in some cases all the data wipes out because of windows emulation on mac. So always take a backup of your data.

Which is the best software for Windows emulation on mac?

Boot Camp, Parallel Desktop, VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box, Vine are the best option for windows emulation on mac.

If you have any queries related to this post, then comment down below we will check it out and give our best opinion.

How to Emulate Windows on Mac in 2021- Step-by Step Guide

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