How to Install and Setup Sky Go on PS4 in 2022

How to watch Sky Go on PS4 or PS3?

In this article, we have demonstrated how to install and watch Sky Go on your firestick. Sky Go is an online streaming service that lets you watch Sky when you’re not in front of the TV. This means you can watch Sky programming on any compatible PC, tablet laptop, Mac, or smartphone, including iPads, iPhones, and a variety of Android devices.

activate Sky GO

The best thing about Sky Go is,Β it is free for all Sky TV customers. If you are accessing the Sky Go app on a device for the first time, we recommend that you have a mobile phone, laptop or PC as you cannot accept the Sky Go terms and conditions from your PS4.

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These are the basic prerequisite to download the Sky Go on PS4

β‡’ To download Sky Go on a PS4 you need…
β‡’ To be a Sky TV customer
β‡’ A Sky Q box
β‡’ If you don’t have Sky Q, then it is necessary to subscribe to the Sky Go Extra subscription. Also, Sky Go Extra is free for Sky VIP users.

You can also call Sky Helpline (0330 041 3000) to add or check Sky Go Extra

β‡’ Sky ID and password
β‡’ An active PlayStation Network account
β‡’ At least 250MB of free space on your PS4

For more information visit the Sky Go official website.

How to download Sky Go on PS4

β‡’ Turn on your PS4 and Sign in to the PlayStation Network (PSN).
β‡’ Select the TV & Video option (it looks like a TV inside of a square title).
β‡’ Navigate to the All Apps tab using the controller.
β‡’ Scroll down the alphabetical list and choose the app with the Sky logo, called TV from Sky.
β‡’ Select Download by pressing X on your controller.
β‡’ Once the downloading process completes, you will see an onscreen message.

How to Install Sky Go on PS4

β‡’ To know how you can install Sky Go on your PlayStation 4, follow the instructions provided below.

β‡’ Sign in to your PlayStation Network.
β‡’ Navigate to the TV and Video section
β‡’ Select the TV from the Sky app, then press X.

basically, SKy Go app on PlayStation 4 is available in the name of TV from Sky.

β‡’ Highlight the download option
β‡’ Press X
β‡’ Press the PS button.

Now the TV from Sky app will start downloading, once the installing process completes on your PS4 gaming console, you will be notified with the pop-up.

How to Setup Sky go on PS4

Once you have finished the installation process, the next step is to Setup Sky Go on your PS3 or PS4, so that you can stream your favorite media on the Sky Go app.

β‡’ Go to the TV & Video section.
β‡’ Select the Sky app.
β‡’ Navigate to the Sign-in section from the home screen.
β‡’ Now enter your Sky Go account credentials such as username/email and password.
β‡’ Click on the Submit option
β‡’ Now you will receive a confirmation message, then click on the Ok option.

That’s it, this is the method How you can set up Sky Go on PS3, PS4.

Now you can stream your favorite Sky TV content directly from your PlayStation Remember that you cannot download Sky TV content to your device for offline viewing on your PlayStation 4.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you understood all the steps mentioned above, and now you can download, install, set up, and watch Sky Go on your PS4 or PS3. If this guide is helpful for you, share this with your friends and so that they can start their Sky Go journey.

In case of any trouble with the above-mentioned steps or any further queries, then make sure to hit me up in the comment section below. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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How to Install and Setup Sky Go on PS4 in 2022

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