How to Port SIM Online in India Easy Steps, 2021

Online Porting a Number is a simple process. You can easily port your SIM online using the mobile phone to any telecom operator. Jio, Airtel, Vi telecom operator provides online portability process. 

How to Port Sim Online in India.
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In this online porting process, you have to generate the UPC and you have your own documents to verify as a sim user. So let’s begin and focus on the article so that you can not miss any single step.

In this article we will know about the:

1.  How to Generate the UPC (Unique Porting Code)

2.  How to Port SIM Online to Airtel

3.  How to Port SIM Online to Jio

4.  How to Port SIM Online to Vi

5.  How to Un-port your Mobile Number

6.   Final Words

Always keep in Mind before Porting the Mobile Number Online/Offline

  • If you are a prepaid/postpaid user, make sure you have not taken any loan from any telecom operator, pay all the loans/dues before porting the mobile number.

  • Make sure you have not more than 6-7 rupees balance in your sim, firstly use before porting the SIM. This available balance will never be transferred to another telecom operator.

  • You can port your sim if you have used its services for more than 90 days.

  • Your mobile number should not be prohibited by a court of law.

  • For every Port Request, you to pay Rs. 6.46 from your SIM.

  • You can not request a change of ownership on your mobile number.

How to Get Unique Porting Code

Step 1:  Choose a Mobile number, whom you want to port.

Step 2:  Send the Port message to 1900 from your decided number and type.

Step 3:  PORT 99XXXXXXXX (your number) like

                        PORT 9876543210

Step 4:  After sending the message to 1900, then you will receive the message with your Unique Porting Code from the number 1901.

Step 5:  You will see an 8 Digit Code which is valid for 4 days only and depend on state-to-state like Jammu and Kashmir it is valid for a month.

How to port sim from one state to another?

Visit the Vi website.

How to Port SIM Online to Airtel

1. Download and Install the Airtel Thanks App.

2. Open the App and register with your mobile number. Don’t need Airtel Number to log in to the app. Use the Number, whom you want to port for login.

3. Now you will see an option Switch to Airtel. Click on the option to continue the process.

how to port sim from vodafone to airtel online

4. It will now ask you for your SIM Type — Postpaid or Prepaid. Choose as per your need.

5. It’s time to choose the plan as per your requirements.

how to port sim from jio to airtel online

6. After choosing the plan, enter your delivery location of the SIM

7. Click on the Done option.

8. After doing all that, now complete your payment. After completing the payment process, an Airtel executive will deliver your SIM to the Doorstep and complete the porting process.

Some people have problems like how to port sim from jio to airtel online, how to port sim from Vodafone to airtel online, can I port my jio sim to airtel online?. So follow the above steps carefully.

How to port Tata DoCoMo sim to Airtel?

Read the Techmanyiya blog 

How to Port SIM Online to JIO

1.  Download and open the My Jio app.

2.  Now you will see an option to Enter your Mobile Number to log in, but you don’t have to log in. At the bottom, you will see an option “Not a Jio User “click on that option.

how to port airtel sim into jio online

3.  After Clicking, Now on this page you will see two options asking for “Port-in to JIo”  and “Get Jio SIM“. Simply you have to click on the Port-in to Jio option.

4.  A new page appeared and ask you for details like Enter Your Name, Port Request Mobile Number. Now you have to click on the  ‘Generate OTP‘ option to verify the Mobile Number.

5. After verification, a new page opens and asks you to Join JIO with Existing Number (MNP) or with a New Number. Now you have to click on the  Existing Number (MNP). 

how to port sim online to jio

6. It also asks you to choose your SIM type “Prepaid SIM” or “Postpaid SIM” and Select Plans. Go according to your requirements and press the ‘continue option.

7. After Choosing the plans, you have to give information about your delivery address and click on the Confirm option.

8. Now you will be redirected to the payment page. After completing the payment process, a JIO executive will deliver your SIM to the Doorstep and complete the porting process.

These are the simple steps provide for the people, who questions like how to port airtel sim into Jio online, how to port Vodafone sim into Jio online.

How to Port SIM Online to Vodafone.

1.  Download and Install the MyVodafone App.

2.  After installing, you will see a window for entering a mobile number to login but you don’t have to log in.

3. Click on the “Join US” option.

how to port sim online to vodafone

4.  After Scrolling down, you will see ‘Port Your Number‘ Option. Click on it.

5.  A new page will open and ask you for your details like Enter your  Name, Port Request Mobile Number, city, and after doing all that click on the Next Step.

6. Now you have to choose SIM Type out of Postpaid connection or Prepaid connection. This landing page is showing you the postpaid plans.

how to port sim online to vodafone

7. But if you want to port your SIM Into a Prepaid connection, then scroll downwards and click on the ‘Quick Links‘. Now can see the Prepaid connection option and click on it.

how to port sim online to vodafone

8.  Now you can select the plans according to your need.  After choosing the plans, Enter your details again like Name, Email, Mobile Number, Pincode, and so on.

9. It is the final process after completing the above steps, now it will redirect to the payment page. Once you have done the payment process, the Vodafone executive will deliver the SIM to your doorstep. So you have to be patient with that.

How to Un-Port your Mobile Number by a Simple Message.

You can cancel the porting process, you have to send a message to 1900 in the below-mentioned format within 24 hours of sending the port request.


Final words

You can easily apply for Porting your SIM to any telecom operator b following the above-mentioned steps for different-different operators. So the whole process can take up to 4-7 days in porting your sim and to deliver to your doorstep.

I hope we have to fix your problem related to How to Online Sim Port, How to Port Sim, How to Port Number Online, How to port sim online, How to port sim card online.

If you have any queries related to this post, then comment down below we will check it out and give our best experience.

How to Port SIM Online in India Easy Steps, 2021

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