How to Reset Vizio Smart TV

In some problems, Resetting a TV can fix the issue showing in your Smart TV. This article will give you information about How to Reset a Vizio TV in simple steps. We have provided two below methods to reset your Vizio TV. You can choose any of those methods to reset your Vizio TV.  

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Vizio TV reset
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Note: Resetting the TV process will delete the data you have entered and the settings you have changed. You will have to set the settings again and re-enter all your information.

Reset Vizio Smart TV

⇒  Reset Through Vizio TV Remote

⇒  Reset through the Vizio TV Buttons

Reset through the Vizio Remote

1. Press the Menu button on the Vizio TV remote.

2. Now with the help of Arrow buttons on the remote, select System and press the OK option.

3. Choose Reset & Admin and press the OK option.

4. Choose Reset TV to Factory Defaults and press Ok.

5. If you have already set the code, please input your password, otherwise enter 0000 code.

6. Select the Reset option and wait for the process to complete.

7. Now set up your TV according to the given instructions.

Reset through the Vizio TV’s Buttons

Note: These buttons may be different on your TV. So read the instruction manual carefully.

1. You can see four buttons located on the side of your TV. The bottom two buttons are Input and Volume Down.

2. Press both buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until you see a bar on the top of your Tv.

3. Now press the Input buttons for 10 seconds until your TV screen becomes back.

4. Now Setup your TV according to the given instructions.

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How to Reset Vizio Smart TV

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