How to Run Windows 7 on Android Mobile

We all have interest in Computer or Laptops, But due to their high prices, we can’t experience the Windows feature. But sometimes we think maybe Running Windows on Android Mobile is possible. The one-word answer is yes, you can definitely enjoy the experience of Windows 7 on your android mobile. 

This whole process can only be completed using an Emulator named Limbo PC Emulator. If you connect Keyboard and Mouse with your Android phone using an OTG cable, it will give a next-level experience. So if you have a little bit of interest in this topic, then read the article carefully and follow the given steps:

How to run Windows on Android

What you can explore on Windows 7.

This is not works like the original version of windows, also you can say it a light version of Windows 7. You can enjoy the Keyboard and Mouse on your Mobile phone using an OTG cable, access paint, internet surfing, access control panel, open and manage My Computer.

Run Windows 7 on Android Phone using Limbo PC Emulator

Note: If your Android mobile doesn’t support the x86 version of limbo apk gives an error or not starting then go with the x64 version of the limbo application. 

1. You have to download the Limbo PC Emulator

2. If you can not see the Download option, Sign with your Google Account.

3. Once the downloading process complete, Clik on the Install button.  (If you see any pop-up message appear on screen, simply click on the GOT IT option).

4. Now Go to the System Settings> application manager> Google Play Store and disable it, make sure you have enabled it after the installation process completes

5. Now you have to download the iso or img file of Windows 7.

6. Click on Windows 7 iso file.

7. Once the downloading process completes, now open the Limbo PC Emulator.

8. Now give all permission and continue.

Name of the Machine:

⇒  First of all, click on the None option.

⇒  Type Windows 7.


Note: According to your need, and mobile device RAM you can allocate the RAM size.

1.  Architecture: Select x86 bit OS

2. Machine Type: PC

3. CPU Model: Core Duo

4. CPU Cores: 4

5. RAM Memory: 1024 MB


⇒  Select Hard Disk A: Click on the None option. 

⇒  It will open the file manager and you have to select the img or iso file of Windows 7.

Removable Storage:

⇒  No need to set up.


⇒  VGA Display: Select std option.

⇒  Sound Card: None

⇒  Network: User

⇒  Network Card: ne2k_pci

Boot Settings:

⇒  Boot from Device: Select the Hard Disk option.

⇒  Kernel: None

⇒  Initrd: None

User Interface:

⇒  User Interface: Select VNC/ if the emulator fails to run then you can try another setting.

⇒  Orientation: Landscape

⇒  Keyboard Layout: English

⇒  Fullscreen: Enable it 



1. If you feel your phone is heating disable this option because in high priority settings your phone RAM and CPU usage increase.

2.  If your Emulator crashed repeatedly, you have to simply give low RAM access to the Emulator.

⇒  High Priority: Enable/Disable, which you want.

⇒  Now you have successfully set up the settings of the Limbo PC Emulator.

⇒  Scroll upwards and Start the Emulator.

⇒  Now you will see a Play button, click on it.

⇒  Your Windows 7 starts on your android phone.

How to setup Windows 7 and First Boot:

After the whole process completes, you will see the Setup of the Window started.

Now choose the Windows Normally option.

How to choose the Start Windows Normally option

⇒  Press the back button on your android mobile.

⇒  Now a new menu will appear above the screen.

⇒  Choose the Keyboard option.

⇒  Press the Enter Key on your Keyboard

⇒  Wait for the booting screen and user icon.

⇒  When the User Icon appears click on it.

⇒  Now are logged in to Windows 7 on Limbo Emulator.

How to Run Windows 7 on Android Mobile

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