How to Stream Netflix on Discord – 100% working

If you are worried and finding How to stream Netflix on Discord, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss about How you can stream Netflix on Discord in the easy steps. For that you have to read the full article, also we have pinned a youtube video that helps you a lot.

How to stream Netflix on Discord

Netflix is my favorite streaming platform and discord is the featured loaded and broad app that helps you to communicate with friends, the best thing about discord is, it helps you to share your screen over chat.

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This feature of discord is attractive and very useful for gamers and streamers. So in this article, we are using this feature to stream Netflix on Discord, because this is the only way and easiest way to watch Netflix on discord.


Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Netflix on Discord

1. Open Chrome Browser, Firefox, etc., or the Netflix application.

2. Launch the Discord app.

3. Connect to a server where you have permission to share your screen with other users.

4. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom left side.

5. Select Game Activity from the menu.

6. Click on Add it.

7. Select the Netflix application from the drop menu/Select your browser where Netflix is logged in.

8. Click on Add Game.

9. Exit the Settings menu.

10. Click on the Screen option.

11. Now Select the app/browser’s window that you want to share with other users.

12. Choose your Streaming settings.

13. Now click on Go Live to begin streaming.

Now you can see a preview window with the Netflix stream and start the movie or TV show you want to appear on the small preview.

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How I can fix Black Screen while Sharing Screen on Discord?

Fix 1: Kill All Running Discord Processes.

Fix 2. Switch to Windowed Mode.

Fix 3: Update Discord.

Fix 4: Update Your Graphics Driver.

Fix 5: Turn on/off Hardware Acceleration.

Fix 6: Turn off Unneeded Programs.

Fix 7: Clear Discord Cache Folder.

Fix 8: Run Discord as Administrator.


Final Words

I hope this article really helps you in streaming Netflix on Discord. If you have any query please drop a comment down below. Please share this post with your friends and family, also you can follow me on Twitter @BonazaContent.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord – 100% working

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