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In this article, we will discuss How you can Install Real-Debrid within the Kodi add-on & Install Read-Debrid on Streaming Apps. So stay tuned! with this post to get complete information in the right way.

install real debrid on kodi

By enabling Real-Debrid, streaming apps and Kodi addons will experience less buffering when using Real-Debrid.

Enabling Real-Debrid, streaming apps and Kodi addons will experience less buffering when using Real-Debrid. Once Real-Debrid is activated in a Kodi add-on or streaming app, many new sources and links become available.

Users can watch buffer-free content with RealDebrid by integrating them into their favorite streaming apps for $5/month.

Real-Debrid is often used in conjunction with streaming apps and Kodi add-ons to achieve the best picture and sound quality.


https // Enter Code: Real-Debrid Application Authorization


Real-Debrid Plans & Pricing

Take a look at the 4 subscription plans of Real-Debrid.

180-Day Subscription: Approximately $18.96 and 800 Fidelity Points

90-Day Subscription: Approximately $10.67 and 450 Fidelity Points

30-Day Subscription: Approximately $4.74 and 200 Fidelity Points

15-Day Subscription: Approximately $3.56 and 150 Fidelity Points


Sign up with Real-Debrid

Please make sure, you have signed up with a Real Debrid account. Then you can use the link.

To register your account follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open your PC/desktop, and navigate to the official Real-Debrid website, i.e.
  • Click the ā€œSign Upā€ button and enter the details as prompted.
  • A message ā€œYour Registration was successfulā€ will turn up on the screen.
  • Go to your inbox to check if you have received an email from Real-Debrid.
  • Now that your Real-Debrid account is created, use the log-in details to purchase a premium plan.
  • Your registration is completed.


Real-Debrid on Kodi via

Refer to the steps listed below to integrate Real-Debrid within Kodi add-ons.

  • Since you already have an account with Real-Debrid, you will need to launch an add-on. In this guide, we will choose Kodi Add-on.
  • Launch the Crew Kodi Add-on and select ā€œToolsā€.
  • From the list given, you will need to select ā€œResolve URL: Settingsā€.
  • On the next screen, you will choose ā€œUniversal Resolversā€ and scroll down to select ā€œ(Re) Authorize My Accountā€.
  • A popup screen will appear, prompting you to select a code.

(Note:- Make sure to use the code on the page within 120 seconds. Failing to use the code within the given time will result in the code expiration.)

  • Open your computer or mobile phone and go to the authorized link ā€“
  • After entering the code, you will need to click the ā€œContinueā€ button.


  • This will ensure that your Real-Debrid application is approved.
  • You need to return to The Crew and choose ā€œSearchā€.
  • A few options will appear on the screen ā€“ Movies, TV Shows, etc.
  • Select an option and click ā€œNew Searchā€.
  • Type what you exactly want ā€“ TV shows or Movies.
  • After selecting your preferred movies, you will see several free links (high quality).
  • The links will now show as RD.
  • There you go! You can now watch your preferred movies or shows by following the steps mentioned here.


Easy Steps to Install Read-Debrid on Streaming Apps

You can use this method to install & setting up Real-Debrid on streaming apps.

  • Select the ā€œMenuā€ button & look for the ā€œSettingsā€ option (scroll down).
  • You will need to select ā€œLogin to Real-Debridā€.
  • Note down the code that appears on the next screen. It will also have the official link
  • Launch your favorite browser and access the link.
  • Enter the code that you received and click ā€œCONTINUEā€.
  • Now that you are logged in, you can return to the Cinema HD home screen to find your favorite TV show or movie.
  • Select your preferred content and start enjoying it.


https // Enter Code

The Real-Debrid authorization code is given to you by the third-party application you are trying to connect your account to

Authorization codes are changed in every 2 minutes and are different for each application that you want to authorize, therefore they are not reusable or supplied after payment

  • To authorize a third-party application on your account, please visit:
  • To view or delete authorizations previously made on your account, please visit:
  • If you forgot your username, please use the associated function ā€œForgot my passwordā€ on our website:
  • Your username will be in the e-mail that will be sent to you. (Dear your_username)
  • If you forgot your password or you canā€™t login, please use the associated function on our website:


Real-Debrid API Documentation

Implementation details

  • Methods are grouped by namespaces (e.g. ā€œunrestrictā€, ā€œuserā€).
  • Supported HTTP verbs are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. If your client does not support all HTTP verbs you can overide the verb with X-HTTP-Verb HTTP header.
  • Unless specified otherwise in the methodā€™s documentation, all successful API calls return an HTTP code 200 with a JSON object.
  • Errors are returned with an HTTP code 4XX or 5XX, a JSON object with properties ā€œerrorā€ (an error message) and ā€œerror_codeā€ (optional, an integer).
  • Every string passed to and from the API needs to be UTF-8 encoded. For maximum compatibility, normalize to Unicode Normalization Form C (NFC) before UTF-8 encoding.
  • The API sends ETag headers and supports the If-None-Match header.
  • Dates are formatted according to the Javascript method date.toJSON.
  • Unless specified otherwise, all API methods require authentication.


API methods

The Base URL of the Rest API is:


Disable current access token

GETĀ /disable_access_token

Get server time

GETĀ /time

Get server time in ISO

GETĀ /time/iso



Get current user info

GETĀ /user



Check a link

POSTĀ /unrestrict/check

Unrestrict a link

POSTĀ /unrestrict/link

Unrestrict a folder link

POSTĀ /unrestrict/folder

Decrypt container file

PUTĀ /unrestrict/containerFile

Decrypt container file from link

POSTĀ /unrestrict/containerLink



Traffic informations for limited hosters

GETĀ /traffic

Traffic details on used hosters

GETĀ /traffic/details



Get transcoding links for given file

GETĀ /streaming/transcode/{id}

Get media informations for given file

GETĀ /streaming/mediaInfos/{id}



Get user downloads list

GETĀ /downloads

Delete a link from downloads list

DELETEĀ /downloads/delete/{id}



Get user torrents list

GETĀ /torrents

Get infos on torrent

GETĀ /torrents/info/{id}

Get list of instantly available file IDs

GETĀ /torrents/instantAvailability/{hash}

Get currently active torrents number

GETĀ /torrents/activeCount

Get available hosts

GETĀ /torrents/availableHosts

Add torrent file

PUTĀ /torrents/addTorrent

Add magnet link

POSTĀ /torrents/addMagnet

Select files of a torrent

POSTĀ /torrents/selectFiles/{id}

Delete a torrent from torrents list

DELETEĀ /torrents/delete/{id}



Get supported hosts

GETĀ /hosts

Get status of hosters

GETĀ /hosts/status

Get all supported regex.

GETĀ /hosts/regex

Get all supported regex for folder links.

GETĀ /hosts/regexFolder

Get all supported domains.

GETĀ /hosts/domains



Get current user settings

GETĀ /settings

Update a user setting

POSTĀ /settings/update

Convert fidelity points

POSTĀ /settings/convertPoints

Send verification email to change the password

POSTĀ /settings/changePassword

Upload avatar image

PUT /settings/avatarFile

Reset user avata

DELETEĀ /settings/avatarDelete


Final Thought

I hope this article to Install Real-Debrid on Kodi and other streaming apps will really helpful for you. If you have any queries about this post, especially the below-listed lines then, please comment down. Also, share this post with your friends & bookmark our website for more future updates!

Complete Guide to Activating Real Debrid Device

Guide to Activate Real-Debrid on Kodi via https//

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