Fortnite  has collaborated with a plethora of other video games, but they usually  entail characters from popular franchises being turned into playable  Fortnite skins.  We’ve  rarely seen a character from Fortnite make their way into another video  game. Every once in a while, Jonesy or Peeley will team up with Batman  and the likes. But to play as these characters in a video game, you have  to be playing Fortnite.

However,  an upcoming collab with Destiny 2 is breaking that mold by bringing  Fortnite-inspired armor sets to the popular Bungie looter-shooter.

Destiny dataminer uncovers Fortnite armor

Notable Destiny 2 dataminer GinsorKR recently posted an image of three upcoming armor sets. But more  importantly, these sets would be based on three of the most iconic  Fortnite skins.

With  the simple caption “Fortnite Destiny confirmed”, the picture would show  armor sets for each class. Titan would resemble the legendary Black  Knight skin. The Warlock would be based on the Season 5 Drift skin. And  the Hunter would take inspiration from the tier 100 Omega skin. These  will likely be unlocked via sets of limited-time challenges or at the  end of special missions. And knowing Epic Games, players can expect to  see a new set of cosmetics coming to the Fortnite item shop.