What is Android Apps Support in Windows 11?

The most exciting news is here! Android apps for Windows 11 are now accessible. The apps are now incorporated into the new Microsoft app store and downloaded through the Amazon Appstore, thanks to a collaboration between Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon. The first preview version of Microsoft’s Android app compatibility in Windows 11 has been released. However, it is only available to testers Windows 11, which means you’ll have to be a part of the Windows Insider program to receive it.

Android App Support in Windows 11

That means it is not available to everyone just yet, but if you are a curious bug just like us who wants to know what is Android apps support in Windows 11 and how it is going to make any change, then keep reading to have all your questions answered.


How To Install The Apps?

Installing apps is a relatively straightforward procedure. Because Microsoft and Amazon have cooperated, the Microsoft Store will list apps but direct you to Amazon’s Appstore to install or update them. In the background, a Windows Subsystem is installed for Android, which is the essential technology that enables Android apps to function on Windows 11.

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Why The Android Apps?

The main concern is whether or not you require Android apps. People may not desire anything more than simple home apps, but Android mobile games are more appealing. By allowing Android apps to run on Windows, users will have access to a wider range of tools for work, content production, and entertainment. It will now be possible to play your favorite mobile games on your PC.

With the advent of apps, Windows understands your needs and adapts to them rather than forcing you to adapt to what the OS can accomplish. Chromebooks gained a lot of popularity after Android apps were added to the Chrome operating system, and adding the same level of freedom to Windows should result in a similar outcome.

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Amazon Will Be Unavoidable

While Intel is assisting in the development of Android apps for Windows 11, it is Amazon that will distribute the apps to users. The revamped Microsoft Store now includes Amazon’s Appstore, which might benefit both companies.

Microsoft has made it easier for developers and creators to get their apps into the store and profit from them. Similarly, Amazon is leveraging its new access to millions of Windows users to entice developers to join the Appstore and broaden their reach. The revamped Microsoft Store now, browse integrated search, and also the discovery for apps in the public preview.

Note: The platform is now available as a preview for devices running the most recent version of Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store app. Currently, the help is limited to the United States, and access to the Amazon Appstore requires an account situated in the United States.


Wrapping Up

Windows is the most open platform on the planet. Welcoming partner technologies and content that create amazing experiences is part of living up to our promise of openness.

And the range of apps available is what makes Windows. So, with Windows 11 a new Microsoft Store has been introduced to showcase the finest developer experiences, a transparent and flexible commerce model, and Android Apps. For the time being, Microsoft’s Android app support is limited to the Amazon Appstore which, nonetheless, contains a small portion of the apps accessible on Google’s Play Store. However, with time this can become extensive as this is a good starting point.


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What is Android Apps Support in Windows 11?

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