Which is the Best PC Emulator for Android – 2022

Android Emulator is a specially designed software for PCs that imitates smartphones applications. An emulator supports all smartphones all applications. Even after emulation, all applications work the same as they do on smartphones
Best Pc Emulator for Android

It becomes very necessary to choose the right emulator for your pc to enjoy the smartphone application without any lag or stutter.

So you’re at the right article, we will help you to decide the right one according to your pc specification. The below mentioned are the best emulator, so take a look at this article.

10 Best Android Emulator for Low-End PC – 2022


Top 20 Best PC Emulator for Android

1. LDPlayer

2. BlueStacks

3. GameLoop

4. Nox Player

5. MEmu

6. Andy

7. PrimeOS

8. ARChon

9. Bliss OS

10. Genymotion

11. Ko player

12. NetEase MuMu Player

13. Phoenix OS

14. Remix OS Player

15. Xamarin

16. Virtual Box

17. Droid 4x

18. Arc Welder

19. Android-x86

20. Android Studio’s emulator

So now take a brief description of all the emulators about their system requirements like CPU, graphics card, operating system, storage, file size, etc.


The Best Android Emulator for PC/Laptop


1.  LDPlayer



  • Good for gaming
  • Active update support
  • Free to use

LD Player is the most rated emulator in the best gaming Android emulators for PC.

This emulator comes with key-mapping for games, multi-instance, high FPS, active updates for compatibility, and macros.

LD player is free software, compatible with windows 7/10, boots Android Nougat 7.1.


2. BlueStacks



  • Compatible:  Windows and macOS laptops
  • Runs Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Free as well as paid versions available


  • Windows
  • Intel or AMD Processors
  • More than 4GB RAM.
  • Minimum 4GB Disk Space required.
  • Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft.

Bluestack is the famous emulation software, used to emulate Android apps, especially for WhatsApp on pc.

There are too many problems with key-mapping support, and setting for Android games, but the company is resolving and adding good features in updates.

Bluestacks is fully compatible with windows, and macOS, both free and paid versions of this software available in the market.

The free version comes with the ads, and on the second hand, the paid version includes many benefits. Overall the experience with this software is good.


3. GameLoop


  • Compatible:  Windows and macOS laptops
  • Gaming-centric
  • Support popular titles such as Call of Duty, Fortnite

Gameloop is a free emulator software and doesn’t need any type of account creation.

This emulator is compatible with both Windows and macOS PCs/laptops and even works fine on low-configuration PC.

Gameloop supports popular titles such as Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire.


4. Nox Player

Nox Player


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports keyboard mapping app and game controls.
  • Support for multiple control devices.
  • A stable and reliable platform.
  • Based on Android 4.4.2.
  • X86/AMD Compatible.

The Interface of the Nox App player looks similar to the MEmu player. You can play games very smoothly.Nox Emulator has an advanced setting, so you can enjoy your games. You can say it, the old brother of MEmu Player.


5. MEmu



  • Multiple instances
  • Range of Keyboard mapping options
  • Support for AMD and Intel chipsets


  • Supports both Intel and AMD, X86/X64 Processor
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Display driver with OpenGL 3.0 or above, (OpenGL 4.3 is recommended).
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology
  • Minimum 2GB RAM,(4GB recommended).
  • Minimum 4GB free disk space.

It is specially designed for Windows users. The Memu is compatible with both Intel and AMD chipsets.

It comes with keyboard mapping support and multiple instances for multiple accounts for the same game.

MEmu is available in both free and paid versions. If you want to disable ads, more customization options, and developer support options then you have to go with the paid version of Memu.


6. Andy



  • Developer support
  • Use the phone as a controller
  • Works with Windows 7/8/10 and macOS

Andy is a free as well as paid emulator software. This android emulator keeps the user up to date with the latest android operating system feature upgrade and provides the support to play mobile games on pc.

The Andy emulator comes with the keyboard mapper, cloud save in android, supports the Xbox/Playstation controllers. The one important feature of this emulator is, you can connect your phone with Andy and use it as a controller or joystick.

It comes with the developer support option but it is for the paid user of Andy.


7. PrimeOS



  • Gaming-focused
  • Offers desktop experience
  • Compatible:  Windows and macOS laptops

The Prime OS provides a desktop interface to its users with the premium features like a multi-tasking window,  deca-pro key mapper, taskbar.

The good thing about this emulator supports both the mouse and keyboard. The Prime OS is compatible with both Mac and Windows.


8. ARChon


You can install this software as a Google Chrome extension, then it gives the ability to chrome to run your android games and apps. It is very difficult to run this emulator.

You have to install that thing on Chrome from there, you can get the APKs and load them. Then you may have to use a tool to replace the APK to make it compatible. You have to do many steps to make this work on your pc.

The good thing about this emulator is, this can be installed on any Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.)which supports the Chrome software. When you click on the above tile of Archon then you will be redirected to GitHub Page, so that you can gain additional information.


9. Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Bliss Emulator is different as compared to other emulators because it works like an android emulator for pc via a virtual machine.

It can just run on your computer through a USB. This emulator runs properly if your system is compatible so take a backup of your current Operating system.

This emulator comes with the Android Oreo, which is present in the new version of Bliss OS.


10. Genymotion 


  • Emulation of 40+ Android devices.
  • Easily access all Android versions.
  • Unlimited App Installations.
  • Supported on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
  • Compatible with Android SDK Tools like Eclipse and Android Studio.

Basically, the Genymotion emulator is designed for application developers. It helps you to test your app on various devices without owning them.

You can develop the emulator for various devices with various versions of Androids. For example, you can run a Nexus One with Android 4.2 or a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0.

This emulator is available for your computer and cloud. If you have not a powerful PC, you can go with this emulator.


11. Ko PLayer

It is an Android emulator that provides performance to android gamers on PC or Mac and also provides a lag-free gaming experience to the gamers. It is not difficult to install and simple, easy-to-use, interactive interface.

This emulator allows you to record videos. It has an inbuilt Google Play Store, so it becomes easy to install apps and games. You can download this android emulator from their official website.


12.  NetEase MuMu Player

NetEase MuMu Player

This Emulator is developed by a Chinese company. You can enjoy the Chinese Android games, which are not globally released. Because of its lightweight, all Android games run smoothly.

This MuMu emulator helps you to run those games on your PC, which are not globally available. You can also play PUBG Mobile on this emulator.

13.  Phoenix OS


It is the newer Android emulator for PC and also boosts your gaming experience. Phoenix OS  provides you desktop experience and a good emulator for productivity as well.

It has a Google Play Services feature but updating can take you too much time. You can get every app and game very easily through the Google Play Store.

It runs on Android 7.1 which is a nearly modern OS for the Android emulator. You can download this android emulator from their official website.


14.  Remix OS Player


  • Windows 7 or newer version
  • Intel supported, No support for AMD Chipsets.
  • Minimum 4GB RAM.
  • 16GB Storage
  • Enabled Virtualization Technology (BIOS settings).

It is one of the newer Android emulators for PC and runs on the Android Marshmallow that becomes older Android OS as compared to other android emulators OS.

Remix OS player is not difficult to install and fairly clean, easy to use. It fulfills all the gamer requirements.

Customize toolbar, and running multiple games at once are the important features of this emulator and good for productivity. You can download this android emulator from their official website but you can face issues due to the server down.


15.  Xamarin

The Xamarin is a similar IDE to Android Studio and comes with a built-in emulator for the apps and game testing. This is specially made for the developer not for gamers and if you use it on a daily basis, you might feel bore.

It is not a powerful android emulator as compared to Genymotion but if you have intended to use it, then you will not face any problem. It is free of cost for personal use and companies have to buy their plans.


16.  Virtual Box

It is a free as well as open-source Android emulator for Windows Pc and developed by Oracle Corporation. It is available for both Intel and AMD (32-bit and 64-bit) chipsets.

Virtual Box is professional software available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 and it supports a large number of operating systems.


17.  Droid 4x

The Droid4x Emulator is not only lightweight but has a good interface and simple configuration. You can play android games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile very smoothly.

18.  Arc Welder

Arc Welder

It is an Android emulator that allows Android applications to test and run on Google Chrome for Windows PC. It is supported for Windows PC only. If you want to test your application in the Google Chrome web browser and to overcome any runtime error or bug then this android emulator is for you.


19.  Android-x86


It is an open-source android emulator for windows PC and licensed under Apache Public License 2.0. It provides WiFi support with GUI and allows mirror mode on external monitors.

10 Best Android Emulator for Low-End PC – 2022


20.  Android Studio’s emulator


  • For developers
  • Runs vanilla Android
  • Free to use

The Android Studio Emulator comes with many tools and option that helps developers to design the app, and games for android in a customized way.

This emulator can take more time to install because it’s heavy software. This android studio emulator requires SDK Tools 26.1.1, 64-bit processor, Windows: CPU with UG (unrestricted guest) support, HAXM 7.2.0.

Once you go through this emulator, you loved it. It runs on vanilla android and has an option for Google Play Store to download your app, games. This is a totally free-of-cost emulator.


Which Android Emulator is Best for PC?

  • LDPlayer
  • Bluestacks
  • GameLoop
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu player
  • Gennymotion
  • Droid 4x


Best Android Emulator for Low-end PC.

  • Nox App player
  • MEmu player
  • GameLoop
  • BlueStacks 4
  • MuMu Play
  • Bluestacks 3
  • LDPlayer
  • Droid4x Emulator


Which is the fastest emulator for PC?

  • Nox Player
  • Andy

These are the best pc emulator for android. Now it depends on you, for which emulator you are going for?

If you have any queries related to this post, then comment down below we will check it out and give our best experience.


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Which is the Best PC Emulator for Android – 2022

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